The history of “Aviapolis Yankovsky” is completely linked with DNS company – one of the leaders of digital retail market in Russia

The history of the company began in 1998 when  DNS opened its first computer store in the city of Vladivostok. The company has a network of digital and home appliances stores, which covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Today 1200 stores in four hundred cities and towns of Russia have  DNS sign on their facades. In 2015 the company entered the  list of Forbes, taking the fifty fourth line in rating. One of the elements of the company's success is a network of logistics warehouses. A well  thought-out  logistics has become one of the main elements in a wide and extensive network of digital and home appliances stores. Now  the company's regional distribution centers are  in twenty cities and towns of the Russian Federation.

DNS Company is a reliable partner for warehousing. This is clearly demonstrated in figures:


The total area of about 65 000 m 2;

20 warehouses of various classes C, B, B +, A + A;

The total capacity of the warehouses is over 70,000 m3 or 45,000 pallet places.

Assortment matrix and the number of staff

Processed assortment matrix is more than 30 000 articles (from small to oversized);
The total number of employees working in logistics is about 700 people;
About 8 million units are monthly shipped and accounted.


General view of the warehouses Aviapolis "Yankowski"


DNS Development

Having considered the volume of freight traffic, DNS became the first company in  Primorye which  decided to build its own modern logistics complex. Then DNS Development company was established.  The company was formed in 2012 with a unique business model, focused on the synergy of  two major principles of business: production and logistics.

DNS Development  is a separate unit within the company's network, its main activity is construction and  construction of business objects, aimed at production and logistics components. Only modern warehouses that meet the latest requirements of the logistics areas. Only modern production buildings with a well-designed manufacturing and office premises layout. That is all  DNS Development.

In 2013 the first warehouse under the scheme BTS (storage class B) with a total area of ​​7200 m2 was built.

In 2014 the second warehouse under the scheme BTS (storage class B) with a total area of ​​7500 m2 was built.

In 2015  two warehouse buildings of class B +  in the private industrial park "Aviapolis Yankovsky" with the total area of ​​26 500 m2 were put into operation..

In 2016  a warehouse building of class A with the area of ​​28,500 m2 will be put into operation.


DNS Development solves any questions concerning design, construction, selection of contractors and the final delivery "turnkey" of your production or warehouse complex.



Management Company

The operation of a modern Industrial Park is impossible without a management company, a basic structural element which implements system properties.

One of the key tasks of such a company is a management of the park property complexes and  creation of favorable conditions for the activities of resident companies. Provision of technical, technological, informative, current operating and other services related to the activities of a resident company. The management company of  "Aviapolis Yankovsky" promotes the involvement of residents in the federal and regional programs aimed at reducing the taxes and obtaining preferential tariffs of existing operations.

The management company carries out all stages of the working operation of the complex on the territory of Aviapolis, namely:

  • Generates the concept of the territory development;
  • Attracts investors;
  • Creates the infrastructure;
  • Provides a comprehensive development;
  • Monitors the quality of work at the site;
  • Manages financial risks.
  • Provides fire and security control of Aviapolis.