Modern warehouse of class A The first in the Far East

Class A Warehouse


Following the construction of Class B facilities, Yankovsky Warehouse Complex built another facility that was put into operation as part of the third phase of the project. The class A warehouse with an area of 28,500 sqm was built on time as promised by DNS development сompany, and is the only professional warehouse in Primorsky Krai. From then on, our customers have an amazing chance to lease a warehouse space on very beneficial terms. Do snatch the opportunity!



Ten Reasons For Choosing the Class A Logistic Warehouse At Yankovsky


  1. Favorable location in terms of transport connections.


  2. A sensible zoning of the site and sufficient maneuvering space for big trucks.
  3. 40 fully-equipped docks ensure an efficient and quick performance.
  4. An impressive cubic capacity of warehouses due to a large area and a maximum ceiling height of 14 meters.
  5. The mezzanine structure maximizes a warehouse space and efficiency.
  6. The floors have very high design loads and can support 6-7 rows of storage racks.
  7. The warehouse buildings feature a wide spacing between columns to streamline cargo handling operations.
  8. The warehouses are equipped with heating, electrical substation, water supply system and sewerage.
  9. The buildings are linked to a fire alarm system and automatic fire-extinguishing system.
  10. An access control system at the facility, and a video surveillance.


Five Kilometers To an Airport


Construction operations near the city of Artyom were preceded by a thorough analysis of physical properties of the land plot, current and prospective market trends, and lessor preferences. The newly built Yankovsky Warehouse Complex became a major milestone in the development of the industrial and logistic area, and is located 5 kilometers from Vladivostok International Airport and Artyom, 40 km from the city of Vladivostok (the administrative center of Primorsky Krai) and 140 km from Nakhodka. Adjoining the M40 Ussuri Highway, the warehouse park is identifiable from far away and is easily found by drivers, contractors and prospective customers. 


Customers of Aviapolis Yankovsky enjoy:

  • unhindered access to an arterial road;
  • proximity to an airport and seaport;
  • fast travel time to key cities and locations of the Russian Far East.


Smart Planning Of the Warehouse Facility


Good topographic properties of the area and a correct land zoning have enabled the company to build the region’s biggest warehouse for lease and fit it with adequate infrastructure. There is a parking lot for big trucks around the warehouses, and parking spaces for customers and our staff. Long semi-trailers (up to 18 m) do not have any maneuvering problems, and are loaded/unloaded without any challenges whatever. Trucks of any configuration make an easy U-turn on a big plot made of reinforced concrete slabs.


20 Fully Equipped Docks


The docks are turned in the direction of the main entrance gate, thus streamlining the use of parking space. A reasonable manager will always opt to lease a warehouse for his company that features fully-equipped docks. To satisfy the needs of our customers, all gates for loading and unloading operations are designed to fit a standard 3-meter height body, and are equipped with robust roller shutters. Each loading dock has a hydraulic leveler adjusted by height, and a dock shelter.

warehouse docks

Class A Warehouse: Optimal Design


What you see on the outside is just the top of the iceberg. Having a look inside, you will be amazed at how efficient the 28,000+ square meters are arranged. The storage capabilities are truly impressive, with a 14-meter ceiling and a 936 sqm area of each unit. Modern reach trucks are able to lift pallets up to 12 meters, so the ceiling has an optimal height in view of cargo dimensions. 


The Class A warehouse features a 12-meter wide mezzanine structure mounted above the docking area, which allows to take the most out of the usable space. The mezzonine floor that takes a maximum of 1.5 tons per square meter can serve as an administrative, office or service area, or as an additional storage space.


The Class A warehouse features a wide span column grid of 24.0 m x 12.0 m, meaning that the distance between two columns along the length and width of the warehouse are 24 m and 12 m, respectively. This is the most streamlined option that benefits much as compared with a narrow grid spacing.


Dust-Free Topped Floors


DNS experts applied a compressed concrete and a heavy-duty floor topping to provide an excellent performance of material handling machines, avoid respiratory problems among the staff and comply with the national industry standards on the storage of goods.


The corundum floor topping in the class A warehouse:

  • features a high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • has an ideal flatness (compliant with DIN 18202);
  • sustains a load of up to 8 tons per square meter.


The warehouse equipped with the robust corundum flooring enables lessees to install high-level storage racks and not to worry about floor cracks, chipping and furrows when using loaders. Besides, the warehouse floor is erected 1.2 meters above the ground level which is a mandatory requirement for big truck operations.

warehouse Yankovsky

Yankovsky Warehouse Park Lease


You should not compromise on quality and safety. The Class A Warehouse is a professional logistics facility that complies with the high standards in product handling and storage. Just lease the warehouse at Aviapolis Yankovsky, and you will obtain a full-fledged facility to cover all your logistical needs, with a automatic cargo accounting system and without any factors that may cause regrading, delays or mistakes.


Ask the rental store, to consult, to clarify some specific points, simply call (423) 270-10-69 or send an email Your request will not go unanswered. We are glad to cooperate with you.Alternatively, you may fill in the form in the Lease section of the website.