Zero Profit Tax? Available with Aviapolis "Yankowski"

Strengths of Aviapolis Yankovsky, a resident of Vladivostok porto franco

 The warehouse complex "Yankowski" Tax cuts

In 12 October 2015, Primorsky Krai became a special economic zone known as a free port (porto franco) which contributes to the development of Aviapolis Yankovsky, a production and logistic complex. The territory was granted a free port status because of its economic and geographic advantages that facilitate a closer cooperation within the Asia and Pacific region. International partners, especially those of China, Korea and Japan, may get a stunning opportunity to enter the Russian market and obtain a set of unique preferences.


Vladivostok Free Port: Benefits for international companies: affordable rates for rental of warehouses in the complex "Yankowski"

affordable prices for the lease of warehouse facilities at Yankovsky Complex;
deployment of manufacturing facilities on very favorable terms;
a great foothold for a distribution of products across Russian regions;


Aviapolis Yankovsky was granted the status of a resident of porto franco Vladivostok.


Committed to provide partners with the best environment for doing business, Aviapolis Yankovsky LLC was one of the first to be included into the Register of Vladivostok Porto Franco Residents which was duly certified in 23 March 2016. The company was issued a license to operate as a porto franco entity for ten subsequent years, until 23 March 2026, in full compliance with applicable law. Therefore, the legal entity may benefit from a wide range of state-granted tax remissions and other privileges.


Zero Profit Tax


All Porto Franco residents are exempt of all types of profit taxes for five years since receiving a relevant license. Besides, a zero tax rate applies to taxes that are payable to both federal budget and regional budgets alike. During the following five years, all federal taxes will persist to be 0%, whereas taxes to local budgets will be imposed at a rate of as low as 10% instead of a regular 20% rate.


In view of this, the free port enjoys a full tax exemption for a long time, and this policy enables businesses to cut the costs of warehouse lease in an official manner, without resorting to illegal practices. Furthermore, an affordable lease means a higher profitability for young companies.


Insurance rates are three times as low


Insurance contributions to non-budgetary funds are decreased to 7.6%, from 30%, which is another cost benefit for Vladivistok free port. The benefits are effective for ten years since the date of the economic zone establishment which gives a great edge to Aviapolis Yankovsky over other industrial and logistic centers.


Abolishment of other taxes


A property tax of 2.2% (for non-residents) and a land tax (up to 1.5%) are among the taxes that are exempt during the following five years.


Deployment of production facilities at Aviapolis Yankovsky: Benefits of Vladivostok Free Port


The Aviapolis Yankovsky territory is an ideal site for locating virtually any manufacturing facility such as the production of packaging materials, light fixtures, electronics, home appliances, etc. On installing your production assets at our fully-equipped facilities you qualify for applying for residence at Vladivostok free port and thus enjoy a host of advantages.


Free port residents, as is said above, are exempt from:

  • Profit Tax;
  • Property Tax;
  • 75% of insurance premiums to non-budgetary funds.

Unique environment for entering the Russian market


Making it to the top of the Russian product market is fairly easy when you are a resident of Vladivostok free port. All you need is to make a contract with Aviapolis Yankovsky on the warehouse lease and operate the warehouse that complies with the highest production, logistics and storage standards. Non-residents are also provided with a set of lucrative privileges that give us a competitive edge. The warehouse is fully equipped and has a favorable location, so there is no need to inject into construction and waste your time – you can enter the market without making any capital investments. Another great bonus for making the most of the opportunities is a beneficial lease rate that goes down based on a total amount of residence preferences.


Top players have made their choice!


Jay Rus, a daughter company to Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. (India), concluded a preliminary contract with Aviapolis Yankovsky on deploying its operation in Vladivostok free port. The prominent Indian tea exporter made a wise decision to move its production and warehouse facilities to Aviapolis Yankovsky, building #4 (planned to be put into service in Q1 2017). By doing this, Jay Rus will localize its operation within a single site and occupy about 8000 sqm.


Along with Madhu Jayanti, Yankovsky cooperates with Samsung, Royal Canin, Kari, DNS, Eldorado, Samberi and other reputed companies.


Turn-key solutions


The Complex built by DNS Development is very lucrative thanks to its favorable location (5 km to an airport, and 40 km to the city of Vladivostok), proximity to a road infrastructure (the site is close to M40, the Ussuri Highway), and optimal conditions for doing business.


Our facilities in operation include two Class B+ warehouses (a total area of 26,364 sqm), and a recently built Class A warehouse (an area of 28,500 sqm) - each having an independent boiling room, and is linked to water supply and sewerage systems. The Complex is equipped with an up-to-date fire alarm system and automatic fire-extinguishing system. The warehouses have ventilation and air conditioning systems to create suitable conditions for a storage of goods. All docks are equipped with dock shelters and levelers. There are spacious plots for maneuvering large trucks, including 18-wheelers. Parking spaces are available.

 The warehouse complex "Jankowski" Tax cuts

Miss no opportunities! Reap benefits of a porto franco business environment and get the most out of your cooperation with Aviapolis Yankovsky!

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