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04 Январь 2017

Happy New year!

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Aviapolis “Yankovsky” is:

  • Warehouses of class B+ with a total area of 52 033 sq. m;
  • Warehouses of class А with a total area of 52 700 sq. m
  • Land site with a total area of 11 hectares for built-to-suit projects;
  • Power supply capacity 4,2 MW;
  • Water supply capacity 36 cubic meters per day;
  • Sewage treatment plants;
  • Stand-alone boiler plants to each warehouse;
  • Fiber-optic communication by Beeline. Microwave communication by MTS
  • Video surveillance;
  • Cold water supply;
  • Junction with highway M40 “Ussuri”.


Why “Yankovsky”

The life of the Yankovskys’ family is a good example of creation, which came into the
history of Primorye region and Far East of Russia. “Yankovsky” is the surname of the 
well-known entrepreneurs who created economy, which contributed a lot to the 
development of the Far Eastern region. “Yankovsky” is a symbol of rebirth, innovations
and regional economic development.

Aviapolis is simple!

It is the largest industrial park in Far East of Russia with new
qualitative conditions for your business. Modern
organization of storage, building maintenance – 
all is embodied in Aviapolis.

The complex is located in 5 km away from
 the airport of Vladivostok and the whole 
area of this complex is comparable  with 
the airport territory.

The site is located in an exclusive economic
zone,both in terms of infrastructure and the
proximity to key transportation hubs. The 
distance to the city of Vladivostok is only
40 km, Artyom – 4.7 km, Nakhodka – 139 km.


The project “Yankovsky” is distinguished by high level
of visual accessibility, proximity to industrial and logistic
objects, good topographic characteristics. 




Well thought-out  logistics and modern warehouses are the basis
of successful business!