Free area:

Object type: Warehouse
Free area: 5811 м2
Cost: 485 р./м2
Class: А
Status: For rent in October 2020
Object type: Supermarket / Cafe
Free area: 658.5 м2
Cost: 650 р./м2
Class: Commercial zone
Status: Free
Object type: Office
Free area: 121 м2
Cost: 600 р./м2
Class: B+
Status: Free
Object type: Office
Free area: 259,8 м2
Cost: 600 р./м2
Class: B+
Status: Free


About us

Aviapolis Jankovsky is the largest industrial Park in the far East with qualitatively new conditions for Your business. Modern organization of storage systems, logistics, operation of the building – all this is embodied in the Airport.

The complex is located just 5 km from Vladivostok Airport, and the built-up area of more than 41.6 Hectares is comparable in scale with the territory of the airport.

The site is located in an exceptionally dynamic area, both in terms of infrastructure and in close proximity to key transport hubs. The distance to Vladivostok is just 40 km from the city of Artem – 4.7 km from the city of Nakhodka – 139 km.

The Yankovsky project is distinguished by a high level of visual accessibility, proximity to industrial and logistics facilities, good characteristics of the topography of the area.


How it works

Construction of warehouse and production facilities on the technology of Built-To-Suit is the latest technology that allows you to quickly and efficiently build warehouses for a particular client.

The premises built on the Built-To-Suit technology are modern, fully equipped with all necessary complexes, allowing not only to store goods in appropriate conditions, but also to assemble products for subsequent sale to the consumer.

In this case, the size, technological equipment, location, engineering parameters – all optimally meets the requirements of your business.

Why it is profitable

  • You get a room for rent, built specifically for you – without deceived expectations, disappointments, the need for improvements or expansion
  • Due to the low cost and the absence of the need for additional modifications of the building, the projects built on the Built-To-Suit technology are much more profitable than renting and buying commercial real estate. Economy – 30-40%
  • The entire project – from the selection of construction materials and works on site to finishing and completion of construction – is under the supervision of the developer (DNS Development).
  • The client can control and coordinate important issues without wasting time on supervision of workers, solving small construction tasks, etc.
  • Transfer of land to the ownership of the investor (client) with the technical conditions for connection to the infrastructure.
  • Construction is carried out at the cost of services of contractors on the basis of the estimated cost of the project.
  • Construction is financed by the investor (client) on the basis of the signed financing schedule and construction schedule.
  • During the implementation of the project, the development company seeks to minimize the costs of the investor (client), all contracts with contractors undergo a competitive selection procedure, the progress of which can be monitored by the investor (client).
  • The remuneration of the developer company is fixed in the contract as an absolute value and does not change in case of deviation from the original estimated cost.

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